What result should an athlete expect from the Winstrol cycle in the UK?

Winstrol Cycles

Winstrol is the well known and highly popular brand name of anabolic and androgen steroid Stanozolol. This is the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative that makes this steriod quite similar to that of testosterone, but Winstrol is always considered to be highly strong anabolic and androgenic effect when compared to other testosterones. In your body, around 10 percent of the testosterone is converted to DHT in a natural form. This steriod is easily available in injectable and oral forms. Like you can expect, all the Winstrol applications generally come with various half lives:

  •     Oral half life of Winstrol is 9 hours
  •     Injection half life is Winstrol is 24 hours

There’s not any major difference you can find between its strengths of injectable and oral Winstrol. Around 5 mg of both the type is in a same amount – and what varies is how fast it get absorbed or used by your body that can be easily reflected in the half lives that are listed here.

Results of Winstrol: What Can One Expect From It?

Results of Winstrol

An area where Winstrol steriod excels while it comes about positive results is in the pure athletic performance. The speed and power receive huge boosts, like overall strength for supporting enhancement and performance in a long run. It what makes Winstrol steriod highly revered amongst the track as well as field athletes and bodybuilders. Winstrol isn’t the bulking and weight gain hormone that you will find, it is well suited to people who would like to retain lean physique if possible. On the Winstrol cycle one must notice higher tendon strength, whereas not essentially noticeable, and Winstrol is well known in offering positive benefit to your bone strength.

Winstrol steriod isn’t the compound that you can use to bulk up, and is one important benefit as the standalone steroid because of a fact that it is not at all the powerful muscle gainer just like other anabolics. Making use of Winstrol steriod for cutting your body fat as well as improving the athletic performance will be where you can see amazing results and Winstrol steriod is firm favorite for such purposes without even adding any kind of bulk since its use will essentially get unnoticed from the physical perspective.

Information on Winstrol Cycle

The normal Winstrol cycle may last from four to six weeks. The compound is well known to get hepatoxic you must not at all be running this longer. This is advised to use the cycle product during the cycle. This can help to protect the liver as well as other organs in your body.

Winstrol & bodybuilding

Before talking about the dosages  of Winstrol I want to point that you do not need much of this. Having used the compound myself I will say that it is highly effective at the low dosages. Most of the bodybuilders can take around from 25mg to 100mg of Winstrol. This is very hepatoxic thus your dosage must always stay low if possible. For many users, around 50mg of the Winstrol steriod appears to be a sweet spot. In some days of time you can appear fuller as well as vasculair. This gives you some ”look” for this reason, it is highly popular as the pre-contest drug.

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This is worth to mention that Stanozolol is very popular amongst the track athletes. Like we all know that it is good for increasing the overall performance without even putting on a lot of weight. The Injectable Winstrol will be dosed one time in a day since it has a very long half-life. So, when you are taking orals, it’s good to dose this twice in a day as half-life will be shorter. Winstrol is many times stacked with some other steroids like Sustanon. But, people can choose to run the Winstrol cycle only. It is really good to know this is easily available as the injectable or oral forms. Remember that injectable version of the compound is stronger than its tablets.

Test & Winstrol Cycle

You can see a lot of people that are running the test of Winstrol cycle. The testosterone (Test) will be good for building the size as well as is suggested to be basis of each cycle. During the cycle just like this, Winstrol is used as the Kickstarter. It is because Test will not kick in till 4th week of this cycle. When Testosterone has actually built up at this system Winstrol can get discontinued after around four to six weeks. You can see that oral steroids such as Winstrol getting used quite often during the blast or cruise. Rest of this cycle can just consist of the Testosterone, generally from 250 – 500mg in a week. The often used ester will be Enanthate that needs to be dosed two times in a week during the test or Winstrol cycle. There are some users who may select Sustanon as this is the blend of various esters. So, when you are having Testosterone added in the cycle you are gaining good size than running the Winstrol cycle. For the test & Winstrol cycle many users opt for Testosterone Enathate as it is the long ester.

Alternative of Winstrol

The less famous variant is Winstrol only cycle. In this cycle, a person will not be running anything and just Winstrol. There’re many mixed views on such protocol. Many bodybuilders are not the huge fans of the oral only Winstrol cycles as results will be minimal. Problem is when you run the Winstrol only cycle a person can suppress the natural hormone formation. It means you may end up in experiencing lethargy as well as other side effects because of low levels of testorone. However, whenever you add the Testosterone in the cycle, you will not have such problem as you will be injecting the synthetic Testosterone. It means that you will not be experiencing any kind of low testosterone side effects. Being honest, it appears to get down to the personal preference. Also, you may need the Post Cycle Therapy when only Winstrol cycle gets finished.

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Winstrol and Anavar – Difference

There are many discussions of comparing the Winstrol and Anavar. Both of them are actually considered to be highly effective steroids.

Why do many people compare Winstrol and Anavar?

Primarily because they both are used as the cutting steroids and also known to preserve the muscle as well as strength during the caloric deficit. These compounds will not make you to hold water. Both of them are used during the contest prep and the oral steroids can give you the hardened as well as defined look.

Anavar (or Oxandrolone)

Anavar is weaker compared to Winstrol. This has the low anabolic activity that is why many competitors choose Winstrol over Anavar steriods.

Do Winstrol Has Any Side Effect?

There’re some possible side effects that are linked with use of the Winstrol steroids. However, as you may already know, it is very much a case with each anabolic androgenic steroid out there. However, do not worry, because some of side effects from the Stanozolol steroids are nowhere close to with Trenbolone.

Side effects that one can expect will include:

  • Joint Pain
  • Acne
  • Liver Damage and Failure
  • Nausea
  • Suppression
  • Negative Impact on Cardiovascular System

So, primary issue with the Winstrol steriod is that this is highly hepatoxic. This is recommended to make use of the cycle support product while using Stanozolol steriod. The good cycle product can have different ingredients like Milk thistle as well as Hawthorne berry that will help to protect the organs. Good news is Winstrol doesn’t convert in estrogen easily. It means that you will not need to worry of any kind of side effects like water retention or gynecomastia. You may minimalize any kind of side effects just by following suggested guidelines. Never take the high dosage as well as do not run this for longer than six weeks. Suppose you stay in the recommendations you must be really good fine.

Tips and Precautions to Look At

You must always run the cycle support product while running the oral steroids. Each oral steroid that includes Turinabol or Dianabol are very liver toxic. The good support formula can help to protect the liver as well as other organs during the cycle. It is very important you make use of one in helping you to keep everything in proper check. This will help out with the blood pressure as well as complete well-being.

Normal Winstrol Cycles

Irrespective of the experience level, maximum length of the Winstrol cycle will be suggested to be not more than eight weeks due to impacts on the cholesterol and liver. The 6 to 8 week of Winstrol cycle will be considered as normal.

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Winstrol only Cycle

The cycle of only Winstrol is not the popular choice, and not just because of above mentioned issues that a few people experience, however, due to suppression of the testosterone that can bring about various side effects and not least of that is possible to be the low energy – and something that not any athlete would like to ever experience. Thus, adding a testosterone steroid in your cycle can counter the negative effects. Also, women will benefit from the Winstrol cycle more compared to the males.

Beginner Cycle

The beginner to Winstrol can certainly go for oral form. The beginner Winstrol oral cycle runs for over six weeks at the dosage of 20mg every day to 50mg every day– though as the beginner you would like to very closely monitor any kind of side effects as well as begin at the lower dosage till you know how the Winstrol affects the body negatively and positively. The beginners must not at all exceed six week of cycle due to effects on liver. For building muscle on the Winstrol cycle as well as to negate suppression of the testosterone, and stacking with the testosterone ester with 250 to 500mg every week is perfect for the beginners.

Intermediate Cycle

Around 40mg – 80mg every day of the oral Winstrol for six week cycle will be perfect for the intermediate users. One again, monitoring effects when you go generally allows you increase and decrease the dosage throughout this cycle, and keeping in mind positive benefits for using the higher dosage will be outweighed by negative impact to your liver. Most of the intermediate users making use of Winstrol dose for the cutting cycle can stack this with the steroid Trenbolone and achieving the maximum fat loss when retaining the lean muscle as well as accomplishing the hard and ripped or vascular look by an end of this cycle.

Advanced Cycle

The maximum dosage of over 100 mg daily will be considered by the advanced Winstrol users, mainly for the upcoming competition. In such case, the advanced cycle might involve making use of 50 mg daily for 4 weeks, and increasing to over 100 mg daily for final 2 weeks of 6 to 8 week of cycle. The advanced users can likely make use of multiple steroids in the stack, whereas at the least including the testosterone steroid like long ester in a form of the Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg every week and that depends on the overall goals, and halting Winstrol week six to eight of this cycle, whereas continuing with the testosterone or other steroids for remaining duration.

Female Cycle

In the low doses, Winstrol steriod is generally usable by the women when keeping most of the side effects in control; however, even at the low dosages there are some women who still can experience the masculine physical features forming, like body hair growth as well as deepened voice, where case Winstrol must be stopped right away. The appropriate Winstrol dosage for the female will be 10 mg for 2 days. Whereas 10mg dosage daily will be possible, but some extra caution has to be taken in order keep on the top of virilization effects, which might start to show up soon.

Post Cycle Therapy

The Winstrol steriod suppresses the normal testosterone production, thus the big goals of PCT is starting the natural function again, to retain the gains as well as body improvements that you have made on the cycle, or for overall health.

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