Winstrol in UK: how to take and inject, side effects and combinations

Winstrol or Stanozolol is one of the man-made anabolic steroid, quite similar to naturally happening steroid testosterone. It is used for treatment of the hereditary angioedema that can result in swelling on your face, genitals, extremities, throat and bowel wall. Winstrol steriod might reduce such frequency or severity of such attacks if ever happening. Winstrol can be used for the purposes besides listed here. Let us check it out in complete detail.

Key Details

In some of the rare cases, fatal and serious cases of the liver problems can be seen during the treatment with Winstrol. You need to contact your physician right away in case you ever experience any kind of abdominal pain, dark colored urine and light colored stools, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and yellowing of your eyes and skin. These might be some of the early symptoms of the liver problems that you can face.

Before you use this drug

Never take Winstrol drug without talking to the doctor in case you have

  • Breast cancer;
  • Prostate cancer;
  • High calcium level in your blood (or hypercalcemia).

Before using Winstrol, you must have a word with your doctor in case you

  • Have had any heart attack;
  • Have blood or heart vessel disease;
  • Have bleeding and blood clotting issues;
  • Have high cholesterol level in blood;
  • Take oral anticoagulant (or blood thinner);
  • Have diabetes;
  • Have kidney problems.
  • Have liver problems;

You might not use Winstrol, or you might need the dosage adjustment and special monitoring at time of the treatment. Winstrol is in a FDA pregnancy class X drug. It means that Winstrol is well known for causing some of the birth defects in the unborn infant. Never take this drug if you’re pregnant or want to become pregnant during the treatment. It isn’t known if Winstrol passes in the breast milk. Never take this drug without talking to the doctor first if you’re breast-feeding your baby.

Winstrol DosageWinstrol Dosage?

You can take Winstrol as it is directed by the doctor. Suppose you don’t understand the instructions given by your doctor, you can ask the nurse, doctor, and pharmacist to give you complete detail about its dose.

Take Winstrol with one glass of water. Winstrol is taken with and without food. It’s very important to have Winstrol regularly for getting most of its benefit. The doctor might want you have the blood tests and other medical checks during the treatment with Winstrol to check out the progress or any kind of side effects. You can store Winstrol at the room temperature and away from the moisture, direct light and heat.

What happens when I miss my dose?

You can take your missed dose once you remember. But, if it’s time for your next dose, then you must skip that dose you have missed, and just take your regular scheduled Winstrol dose. Never take double dose of the medication.

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What happens when I overdose?

The overdose of Winstrol won’t threaten your life. You need to contact the emergency room and poison control for any advice if any overdose gets suspected. The symptoms of Winstrol overdose aren’t known yet.

What do I need to avoid when taking Winstrol?

There’re not any restrictions on the food, beverages, and activities when you are taking Winstrol unless otherwise it is directed by the doctor.

Side effects of Winstrol

If you ever experience any kind of following side effects, you need to contact the doctor right away and take emergency medical help:

  • Swelling of your legs and arms (particularly ankles);
  • Allergic reaction (finding difficulty in breathing; throat closing; swelling of lips, face or tongue; and hives);
  • Voice changes (deepening and hoarseness), facial hair growth, clitoral enlargement, hair loss, menstrual irregularities (among female patients).
  • Frequent and persistent erections, and breast tenderness and enlargement (among male patients);

Some less serious effects might also take place in some patients and you need to talk to the doctor immediately if you ever experience any of them

  • Difficulty in sleeping;
  • New and worsening acne;
  • Changes in the sexual desire.
  • Headache;

Some of the side effects besides one listed above might also take place in some patients. You need to talk to the doctor immediately about any kind of side effect that appears unusual and that is bothersome for you.

Winstrol dosing details

Adult Normal Dose for Angioedema:

The prophylactic use for decreasing frequency or severity of the attacks of any hereditary angioedema

Initial dose needs to be 2mg orally three times in a day.

Will other drugs affect Winstrol?

Before you use Winstrol steroids, you need to talk to your physician in case you’re taking the following drugs:

  • Insulin and oral diabetes medicine like glyburide (Glynase, DiaBeta, and Micronase), glipizide (Glucotrol), chlorpropamide (Diabinese), glimepiride (Amaryl), tolazamide (Tolinase), tolbutamide (Orinase), acetohexamide (Dymelor), and others.
  • Anticoagulant (or blood thinner) like warfarin (Coumadin);

You might need the dosage adjustment and special monitoring in case you are on these medicines given. The drugs besides these listed might interact with Winstrol. You need to talk to the doctor or pharmacist before you take any of the prescription and over-the-counter drugs, which includes minerals, vitamins, or herbal products.

Winstrol Dosing for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Your level of experience and goals may highly determine the right dosage that you will be comfortable to take at. Most of the men can stick to 40mg – 80mg every day for the oral dose. Due to liver toxicity problems, the higher doses of Winstrol will be recommended only when you are injecting Winstrol steroids. Winstrol Depot (or injectable) dosage of 100 mg one time in a day. The common strategy on Winstrol cycle will be using the comfortable maximum Winstrol dosage in a last week or prior to the competition, and lower dose before the cycle starts.

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Women who are using Winstrol steroids must stick to just 5 mg daily and monitor any kind of side effects very carefully. The highly experienced users of Winstrol steroids aware of this effect on your body and can increase the dosage over 10 mg or 15 mg, however it must be done with huge caution and not at all for the new users. This injectable formulation comes in milky white color and with microcrystals. The fake products of Winstrol injectable are quite common and there’s not any way you can tell by looking at the product and determine if this is the fake one. There are some bodybuilders who claim that real Winstrol steroid can reveal the settled microcrystals at a base when standing but, talcum powder will do this same thing. But, bodybuilders appear to use the dose 2 to 4 times much higher than this. One important reason is that THAI formulation seems to be very less potent compared to the product that is made by Pfizer. There are some bodybuilders who make use of 10mg per day or others make use of 20 mg per day. Major issue with the oral dosing will be that most of the absorbed Winstrol steroid goes to liver as well as gets broken down very easily. This drug will get injected IM in case one will get supplies. Dose of the IM injection is 50mg per week, however, some bodybuilders make use of this two to three times per week. Site of the injection will be generally buttocks and the site should get altered each some weeks in order to prevent sores and abscess.

This drug is generally used one to two months before the sports event. This drug should be stopped 2 to 3 weeks before in order to avoid any kind of detection. Most of the people will see the muscle bulk after three to four weeks. Actually, Winstrol steroids will significantly improve the exercise performance for the short duration of time. Most of reports exist for athletes and bodybuilders who claim spontaneous burst of energy are some common signs after three to four weeks of its use. But, this effect cannot be seen for long time.

In spite of what many bodybuilders think that higher Winstrol doses are a bit harmful and don’t result in the enhanced results. Many experts also suggest that this drug must not get used for over four to six 6 weeks. Winstrol used often for three to four weeks and cycled with some other drugs. Some common drugs are Equipose, Oxandrolone, Masteron, GH as well as thyroxin. Some people also add Clomid in order to prevent suppression of the testosterone in their wash out cycle. Because Winstrol steroid will cause the water retention there are some athletes who make use of water pills for getting rid of any excess water.

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Of late, the alternative of Winstrol is furazabol; this is quite identical to Winstrol in various respects other than it improves cholesterol profile that makes it very unique among other anabolic steroids out there. But, the beneficial effect can be seen only at the low doses as well as for the short duration of time. When it is used in higher doses for very long time, steroids will lower the HDL cholesterol as well as increase the LDL cholesterol

What will happens if I ever miss my dose?

Take your missed dose when you remember. But, if it’s the time for your next Winstrol dose, you must skip your dose that you have missed, and just take your next regularly scheduled Winstrol dose. Never take the double dose of the medication.

What can happens when I overdose?

The overdose of the medication is not possible to threaten your life. You need to contact the emergency room and poison control for any kind of advice if the overdose gets suspected.

Some of the symptoms of the anstanozolol overdose aren’t known yet.

Winstrol Dosage or Stacks

For adult men: Around 25 mg daily for six to eight weeks is the low and highly beneficial steroid dose for the beginners. This must give you the good idea about the tolerance to this drug. You may increase your dose to around 50mg per day too in case you do not experience a lot of side effects during the trial run. Do not extend your 50 mg till you are the competitive bodybuilder.

For Adult Women: Around 5 mg daily for six to eight weeks offers you very good gains without any risk of the virilization. You may increase it to over 10 mg in case you’re the seasoned user.

Simplest and highly effective steroid stack, which Winstrol use is:

Cyp or Test E for 12 weeks of 500mg per week

Winstrol at 50mg per day from week six to twelve

One more stack gaining huge popularity involves Winstrol, Testosterone, as well as Deca Durabolin. And Deca can ease out your ‘creaky joints,’ which Winstrol causes in a few users.

Winstrol Dosage and Half-life

Winstrol Steroid has the short half-life, very much like the counterpart, Anavar. An oral form of this steroid can be metabolized in 9 hours that means you would need to split the doses to keep your levels of this drug consistent in your body. An injectable form of this drug has higher half-life around 24hours that allows the users to get very good results with just one injection on other day. When you are using orals, an average gym rat will begin with the dose of around 25mg per day and this can produce good results.

The seasoned bodybuilders will use around 50mg per day. However, 100mg per day aren’t uncommon, particularly in last 1 week of this contest. Suppose you are using Winstrol depot, 50mg per day injection each other day can suffice. Women are highly sensitive to virilization effects of the Winstrol as well as should stick to its lowest dose that is around 5mg per day. Suppose you have ever used Winstrol earlier, you will increase that to around 10mg per day. However, like we mentioned, this dose is likely to make some of the side effects any women athlete will do it without.

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