Winstrol guide UK: negative and positive effects

Winstrol side effects

Side effects of Winstrol are quite equivalent of the bad date. Only that, when any bad date ends, a person will pull back together & try to get normal life in next some days. But, side effects of Winstrol are not very forgiving. They will linger over for longer time, just like a mad ex-girlfriend looking to inflict some kind of punishment and just refuses to leave out. With all these seriousness, there is one real problem of taking Winstrol will be getting jacked. Some consider it to be the good option to bring out buff, but it will take toll on your health if continued for long. Suppose your life quality is very high on the list of priorities, then just stay tuned and learn more about it.

What’s Winstrol?

Winstrol, or Stanozolol, is the most popular anabolic steroid amongst the bodybuilders due to its capability of getting you shredded without even sacrificing on the size. From the scientific standpoint, this steriod is derived from the Dihydrotestosterone, androgen sex steroid, as well as is accessible in injectable and oral forms both. It is marketed under many brand names over past some years, which includes Menabol, Anaysynth, or Neurabol Caps. This was patented first in the United States marked in the year 1962, however, it is not marketed more here.

Uses of Winstrol in sport

Winstrol steriod is quite popular with the bodybuilders, because of its capability of increasing the muscle size, endurance and strength without even causing any kind of water retention. Not like most of the anabolic steroids, Winstrol’s popularity just extends beyond its bodybuilding community. Because of the performance-enhancing features, this steriod is favorite amongst the track, field as well as strength athletes –however, none of the uses are over board. Because of a fact that these steroids are illegal in US, people who taking Winstrol steriod legitimately are one with the medical need or prescription to show.

Winstrol Dosage

From the medical perspective, the Winstrol steriod is prescribed for the conditions like anaemia or angioedema. In such cases, oral Winstrol dosage will be 2 mg, three times in a day, as well as injectable dosage will be 50 mg each 2 to 3 weeks. When it is used illicitly by the bodybuilders, they jack the doses up considerably. It is common to take such doses of 50 to 100 mg daily, irrespective of whether injectable or oral Winstrol is getting used. At such high doses, there is not any surprise that the bodybuilders are possible to suffer or unsavory consequences.

Benefits of Using Winstrol

In spite of steroids being totally illegal without the prescription, you would be amazed to know number of bodybuilders getting hold of the Winstrol steriod on reg. They like the stuff due to its benefits that it offers to them in a long run. Here are some of them to look at:

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    It does not convert in Estrogen easily– And it is an only anabolic steroid that does not it means that there is very less risk of the man boobs with it.

    It does not cause any water retention – Not like other steroids in the market, Winstrol generally causes the muscle growth without even causing any water retention. Very important if you want to be ripped.

    Muscles grow a bit stronger and not bigger – With a lot of steroids out there, muscles can grow, but it is all for show. But, not with Winstrol steriod and muscle that you will gain can have more of strength.

    Increase in the speed, power, agility, and endurance – The Winstrol steriod increases your body’s production of the red blood cells as well as allows a bit of more oxygen to carry through the muscles. Result will be that they will work a bit longer, faster and harder.

After some cycles, it is quite simple to see why the bodybuilders will become hooked. Because, who will not want to appear ripped or perform much better? However, before you ever get carried away, it is the right time for the reality check. Would you actually think that you will get this without any cost to the health? Sorry, there is downside as well. Yep, we are talking about Winstrol side effects in this blog.

Winstrol side effects that you have to know about

Winstrol is not selective. When you abuse it, then you can look ahead to the real possibility to experience following conditions:

Liver damage

If you are worried about your liver, then you have to think of it before you have Winstrol steriod. Just like other steroids out there, Winstrol steriod has the high potency. This makes it really hard on the liver. You can combine this with a fact that the Winstrol passes over the liver not just once, but two times, and you will see issue here. Winstrol steriod is actually put through the process called C17AA –and makes it highly resistant for break down in your liver; it means this will pass through the system twice, and it is true even though you inject this.

When you are constantly putting the body through each Winstrol cycle, you will see where it is heading – and irreversible liver damage. Considering liver is an organ you actually rely onto flush out toxins from the body, and having this not firing on cylinders will be heavy going.

Virilization (development of the male features)

Women get the bonus side effect by using Winstrol – and you look like a man. Appears good, huh? Virilization (development of the male characteristics), is one common side effect faced by using Winstrol –particularly when it is injected. This dosage is just very high. Bottom line will be that women taking Winstrol steriod have risk of developing the unwanted body hair (or hirsutism), enlarged clitoris as well as shrunken uterus. Suppose that is not sufficient to put you totally off, then your breasts can shrink as well. Oh, or you may wave bye to the period. Ok, last one might appear very appealing, but it isn’t much use in case you are looking to have children at some stage of life. None of them is natural for woman to have an experience, and must be sufficient to tell that it is bad health news.

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Unbalanced levels of cholesterol

Besides the popular belief, the cholesterol is not actually the bad thing. And your body needs this for right function. It is when cholesterol balance totally gets out that problems start to develop in your body. From the biological standpoint, the cholesterol will be carried in your blood by the lipoproteins. And we have 2 types of them: the high-density lipoprotein that is one good kind, as well as low-density lipoprotein that is one bad kind. It is elevated LDL, which leads to the things such as artery blockages, stroke and heart attacks. Well, did you guess right? Winstrol steriod does what you do not want this to do for lipoproteins. This lowers down the HDL, whereas raising LDL. This is quite common when you are taking oral Winstrol, however injecting it increases the LDL level. Generally, you will have diet of saint, but when you are taking Winstrol steriod, still you are at the risk of having the high LDL levels  of cholesterol – and that is something that you will not want to happen.

Low SHBG levels

Here is a bottom line. Winstrol steriod will wreck out your sex life. Also, not just you will not want to have sex, but you will not be enough capable to have it. Do not ignore this important side effect of Winstrol! Here is a deal. Estrogen, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are some sex hormones, which keep the sexual function alive on various cylinders. Precursor to such hormones is the glycoprotein named sex-hormone and binding globulin – and this steriod lowers down the levels of it. What will be the result? You are left with the low or no sex drive or erectile dysfunction as well. It is quite unappealing to men, however, even many women struggle enjoying sex because of having Winstrol.

You are warned already!

Dangers ahead

Popularity of Winstrol steriod makes this the money-making tool for a lot of dealers that results in counterfeit versions– and it will be highly deadly. The quick search on YouTube can show you some of the videos from the underground labs, which ‘cook’ the drugs in microwave, by using the non-sterile equipment again and again just to save some money. Health consequences of the poorly made steroids will be highly dangerous. Just think about this. What in case they get this dosage totally wrong or you inject 100 times its recommended dose? Let us cut to its chase. There is the high risk to come with the dodgy gear, or when it happens, best to hope is the severe mood swings and depression. Worst can be possible death.

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Skin and Hair issues

It is not always simple to maintain good hair and skin, however, take Winstrol steriod, and you will just give up. Winstrol steriod messes out with your hormones. So, you just need to think to the old days as teenager and remember what you did to the looks. And Winstrol resurrects the teen hormone problems, and if you are fond of acne or greasy hair, then fill the boots! However, that is not over. Apart from teen side effects, one can look ahead to some strange happenings, like losing out hair on head, when growing any unwanted hair on various parts of the body. The hairy backs, furry chests and bearded women are some effects of taking the Winstrol steriod. Generally, on Winstrol, you will get all parts that you hated to be a teen, and combined with other parts that you dread of being older.

Side effect Winstrol alternative

Made from the mix of natural ingredients, which includes wild yam, choline, acetyl l-carnitine & DMAE, the ingredients are very simple, harmless, as well as like Winstrol, it is highly effective in getting you totally ripped to lose without muscle mass. Winstrol replicates other benefits that it offers, and it includes:

  • Fluid elimination
  • Preserved muscle gains
  • High strength output
  • More power
  • Decreased body fat
  • Improved vascularity

Yes, it has got no side effects.

Some of the common side effects will include

When experienced, these generally tend to have some of the severe expression out there.

  • Priapism, Prolonged Erection Of Penis
  • Condition where Women Develop the Masculine Characteristics named Virilism

When experienced, these generally tend to have very Less Severe expression

  • Bladder Contractions That Cause Need To Urinate Quite Often
  • Acne
  • Enlarged Breasts
  • Breast Pain

Some INFREQUENT side effects

When experienced, these generally tend to have Severe expression

  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Cancer Of Prostate Gland
  • Visible Water Retention
  • Liver Problems
  • High Calcium Amount In Your Blood

When experienced, these generally tend to have very Less Severe expression

  • Chills
  • Altered Interest to Have Sexual Intercourse
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Diarrhea
  • Leg Cramps
  • Swelling Of Abdomen
  • Irritation Of Stomach and Intestines

Hardly Any side effects

When experienced, these generally tend to have Severe expression

  • High Alanine Transaminase
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • High Aspartate Transaminase
  • Blood Clot Formation
  • Yellowing Of Eyes and Skin From Bilirubin Buildup Named Jaundice
  • Excessive Fat In Blood
  • Damage To Liver & Inflammation
  • High Bilirubin Amount In Blood
  • Heart Failure
  • Inflammation Of Liver With Bile Flow Stoppage
  • Inflammation Of Epididymis Of Testicles
  • Liver Tissue Death
  • Liver Cancer
  • Microscopic Blood-Filled In Liver
  • Low Sperm Count

Filling a void

Unless you really like the body to stay in the state of chaos, probably you are starting to check out that Winstrol is not a magic bullet that you have thought this was in the muscle-building path. But, we know that Winstrol benefits are very appealing, in spite of all the side effects that we have seen here. For this reason, we felt that it was really important to develop the viable alternative that provides all benefits, and none of these Winstrol side effects.

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