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Winstrol Steroid Profile

Winstrol is the most popular anabolic steroids available today in the market. This steriod was developed by the Winthrop Laboratories in 1950’s, and this anabolic steroid has got huge media attention from past some. Actually, for people who have not used any anabolic steroids before, and want to name the steroid it is Stanozolol or Winstrol. Winstrol name is commonly linked with the Stanozolol hormone brand name. It is one most popular anabolic steroid garnered huge attention worldwide because of many athletic scandals happened in past some years. Whenever any athlete is caught taking anabolic steroids, always Winstrol comes at a forefront of this scandal plenty of times. Actually, this steriod is linked with many athletic steroid scandals.

In the years 1988, one of the sprinters from Canada named Ben Johnson was tested positive in his steroid test after acquiring gold for the Summer Olympics the same year. Not just did he destroy the competition, he defeated Carl Lewis with total ease. It leads to the Stanozolol steriod making many headlines for the long time now and war on the steroids by the US government. Johnson case isn’t one biggest athletic steroid scandal that has ever happened that will generally belong to year’s long doping machine by Germany; but, the scandal of Johnson will have an important impact. When Johnson destroyed golden boy from the US, it actually needed to classify these steroids as the Schedule III substances.

Whereas the popular anabolic steroids, Winstrol steriod is popular among different steroids by using population. This is in a lot of ways the mild anabolic steroid that is available today and will be used very safely by women and men. Quite important, this also has proven very effective for many performance enhancement attempts. This is the long standing and most favorite among the competitive bodybuilders or physique athletes during the cutting and contest phases. This is the best steroid chosen for many athletes out there because of the capability of promoting high level endurance and strength without any mass.

With the performance enhancement, this steriod had huge success in the modern medicine also. This steriod is used successfully for fighting out lean tissue wasting as well as has had huge success for preserving the bone mass for osteoporosis. Winstrol steriod has been used for fighting prolonged exposure of corticosteroid treatment, which was given to the burn victims as well as used for healing of the bone fractures. This steroid has enjoyed huge success for treating obesity while hormonal help will be required, and treating any delayed growth among kids. Since years are passed, and Winstrol steriod has stayed available for the treatment for many conditions and proven successful to treat angioedema among some other treatment programs like specific types of the breast cancer and more This steroid has not lost the FDA approval so unlike a lot of anabolic steroids out there that has maintained the approval for many treatment programs.

Looking at Chemical Features of Winstrol

Chemical Features of Winstrol

Chemical structure of Winstrol generally differs significantly from other anabolic steroid out there. This is the derivative of the Dihydrotestosterone and where it has 3 to 2 Pyrazol group that is linked to its first cycloalkane ring (called as A-ring) of anabolic steroid. It is noticeable when the picture of Winstrol chemical structure is laid on side with the progenitor hormone DHT, and to people who are unfamiliar with the chemistry. Pyrazol attachment of the group to A-ring replaces three keto group, which generally sits on its same location. Particularly, the modification classifies the Winstrol steriod as what’s called as the Heterocyclic steroid.

The Pyrazol group that is quite a functional group, will be responsible for the stronger binding affinity of Winstrol for an androgen receptor among various muscle tissue. Being the DHT-derivative steriod with the modifications, which separate the distinction with the DHT, this steriod is quite active in the muscle tissue for higher degree compared to DHT itself. Unluckily, DHT is said inactive immediately by 2 enzymes on the entrance in your muscle tissue. And modifications of Winstrol allow this to avoid such problem effectively. The anabolic steroids belonging to such family of the DHT-derivatives (like Anavar, Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan, or others) have some modifications to the chemical structures, which grant them some important activity as well as effectiveness in the muscle tissue, and where DHT unmodified will not survive any kind of metabolism. Pyrazol structure grants the Winstrol significant shift in the anabolic or androgenic strengths that will favor the stronger anabolic strength whereas highly reducing the androgenic strength. It is what grants the Winstrol steriod an amazing disassociation for anabolic and androgenic outcomes in a long run.

Winstrol steriod have the methyl group that is linked to its 17th carbon (called C17 Alpha Alkylation), and it is this chemical structural plan that will allow this anabolic steroid to be the first to pass through your liver when it is orally ingested, and also allows this steroid to be further resistant for hepatic metabolism.

Elements of Winstrol

Elements of Winstrol

There has been many researches done that demonstrated Winstrol’s primary action is of binding the cellular androgen receptors when opposed to the non-receptor activity (like one possessed by Anadrol or Dianabol). This is thought that Winstrol steriod have some very small and measurable type of the anti-Progestogenic elements regarding the Progesterone receptor, though it isn’t completely understood still. Besides small antagonistic outcomes on this Progesterone receptor, this steriod is found that the Winstrol drug have some low affinity of Glucocorticoid-binding interactions, and activity independent of the Androgen receptors, the Progesterone receptors, as well as for Glucocorticoid receptors. And Winstrol hasn’t been found for having any kind of notable Progestogenic into your body too.

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The Winstrol steriod have the high binding affinity of SHBG, thus granting Winstrol (and some other anabolic steroids can get stacked with it, like Testosterone) for freedom in bloodstream for doing the job to signal the muscle growth. And SHBG is the protein, which attaches or binds other hormones (Estrogen, Testosterone, and synthetic steroid) or renders it useless providing SHBG gets bound to such hormone. Efficiently, SHBG places their ‘handcuffs’ on hormone and binds to or prevents this from doing their job. Winstrol steriod has demonstrated not just to prevent the SHBG to bind with anabolic steroids; however, it also has demonstrated very strong SHBG production suppression among your body. For instance, a particular study that was conducted for 25 male subjects where that Winstrol got administered orally and resulted in 48.4 per cent of drop in the SHBG levels with 3 days of its administration.

With the Winstrol being the DHT-derivative, this steriod holds an advantage, which is normally linked with the DHT or other derivatives: this is not able to bind to aromatase enzyme those results without any possible conversion of Estrogen. And resulting is the avoidance of Estrogen side effects like water retention (or associated risks like blood pressure), and other side effects too. Being the DHT-derivative, this steriod is not able to interact rightly with 5alpha reductase enzyme that is one kind of enzyme that is responsible for conversion of the Testosterone in Dihydrotestosterone. Since Winstrol is the modified type of the DHT, it will not occur in a right way.

Winstrol steriod exhibits the longer life because of the structural modifications, and allowing any kind of injectable format to possess the half-life of 24hours, and nine hours for its oral preparation. Related to Testosterone, the Winstrol holds androgenic strength that will rate 30 with the anabolic strength and rating 320 that is very significant considering Winstrol is a bit over 3 times an anabolic strength. For any person to know the real meaning of the numbers or ratings, it should be understood that base reference for such strength ratings will be number one steroid Testosterone. The testosterone is generally used as a measuring stick and measuring bar and whereby other steroids are been referenced with or compared to (like celcius scale temperature measurement and where freezing point or boiling points will be used as baseline measurement for the temperature). On understanding such thing, any person will very easily see how Winstrol have the anabolic strength of 3 times Testosterone (the Testosterone’s anabolic or androgenic ratings will be 100). And percentage-wise, this can also be described that the Winstrol will be 320% more of anabolic than the Testosterone, and this is 30 per cent less androgenic compared to the Testosterone.

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The important fact needs to be reminded here is a fact both oral and injectable preparations of the Winstrol steriod have the same structure. It is unlike in other anabolic steroids out there, and where the oral preparations will be C17-alpha alkylated, injectable preparations are generally absent of methylation (injectable compounds are esterified for modulating release rate as well as half-life). It isn’t the same with Winstrol steriod, and where injectable and oral preparations are 100 per cent identical to one another. It presents a little concerns that reader should be totally aware about it: Result will be the higher amount of the hepatotoxicity (or liver toxicity), because both oral and injectable preparations have hepatotoxic modification of the C17-alpha alkylation, and both of them can place equal hepatotoxic strain level on your liver

Administration of Winstrol:

When you look at the therapeutic setting of this steriod, then standard Winstrol oral doses for man generally fall within 2 mg in range over 3 times in a day. And females normally are given 4 mg daily or 2mg doses for two times and suppose virilization symptoms don’t happen it can get increased to over 6 mg daily. When the injectable Winstrol gets prescribed, normally it will be given at the dose of 50 mg each 2 to 3 weeks for female and male patients.

Winstrol and its Availability:

Winstrol steriod is the most common available steroid right now, however, it is commonly counterfeited. It isn’t the hard steroid that you can find, actually it must be very simple, however you have to do some digging to know more about it if you wish to make sure that you buy the best quality. You can find most black market suppliers will carry this steroid; both injectable and oral forms are quite common as both of the human grade or underground forms. Since with other anabolic steroids, you need to stick with the human grade labels if possible for you. There’re a few good labs out there however they are highly outnumbered by the garbage.

So, when you are looking for the best quality of brand, you cannot go wrong with the Azolol by the British Dispensary. This original brand of Winstrol is available now and whereas counterfeits don’t seem to be the big problem it will not be the cheap product. In fact all of the Stanozolol products are a bit costly when compared to other steroids out there but must not be very high as a few compounds.

Winstrol Online –Know the Warning:

Suppose you are buying Winstrol steriod on internet you can find that it is where you can get the best rate. Purchasing from the gym supplier offers a little convenience, but this is always expensive compared to the online purchasing. Large suppliers online have large product volume then local supplier cannot compete. Actually, most of the local suppliers just are buying from the large suppliers online with the local labs being an exception. Suppose you are buying online Winstrol, human grade pharmacy, you normally will find it is affordable on internet than when purchased straight from pharmacy among different countries like U.S.

Whereas purchasing online is convenient and easy, it comes with some warnings that you need to know. You risk to be scammed from your money in case you do not buy from the reputable supplier. Also, you risk your buying the fake and under-dosed and contaminated product. Also, there is a high risk, and legal factor.

Bottom Line:

Finally Winstrol is the most effective steroid out there when it is used in a right way and for right purpose. Suppose it is used for promoting the raw mass then you will be highly disappointed in its results but cutting agent as a part of cutting plan this will be the best steroid.

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